The majority of these images are NOT available for sale unless otherwise specified .All images are made using either medium format or large format film cameras. These images will be constantly added to and rotated.

Ama5-2 2663

Ama , taken during a shoot in 2015.Not the usual portrait but a very intense one.Not everyone feels comfortable about being photographed this close.


Graham and Peter 16 by 16 copy

Peter and Graham, a couple of my shooting buddies on location near Laras Lee NSW.

My daughter Michelle 1986 Newcastle NSW
Freya – old house near Orange 2016.
Joan and Lorryn Newcastle 1987
Deborah Darwin 1977
Ama – Blaxland NSW 2016.Prints are available on request
Freya old house near Orange 2016.
Man with Eagle Ironfest lockexpTM400profile
Man with bird of prey-Ironfest 2016. 21 by 16 inch print- other sizes up to 29 by 23 available on request
Ezabella Melbourne 2016
Ezabella Melbourne 2016
Ironfest 1
Becky the Hurdy Gurdy Player , Ironfest 2017


1930s girl web
Young couple in 1930’s dress outside the Victory Theatre Antique Centre Blackheath Feb 2018