Every film photographer has a special spot usually close to home where they use to test new cameras and films etc . I have such a spot close to my home, on the edge of Orange.People drive past it every day and never notice this old willow stump in a cow paddock. I first photographed it in the summer of 2014 when I purchased my Sigma DP2 Merrill digital camera – film cameras for me then  were just a distant memory from the early 80s.This old stump changed its appearance  in different light and has survived rain, snow hail , flood and seasonal variations.

I photographed it last week in the last days of winter and I could see it is starting to show signs of decay. I feel an attachment to this old stump. It has a balance and beauty not appreciated by many. As I set up my large format film camera to photograph it,I notice people slowing as they pass by in their cars puzzled by what I am doing. But that is people these days – they have no vision or appreciation of simple things as they are too busy on unimportant things in their lives. I suspect the old stump will return to the earth shortly – it is soft from rot and weathering from the elements. Somehow this old stump reminds me of life -many people live unnoticed and when they die no one will notice.


The Stump wip HB copy 2
Late winter rain- 4 by 5 Graflex Crown Graphic and 135 mm Schneider Symmar S lens.
PMK Pyro- the stump
Late summer 2016 -4 by 5 Graflex Crown Graphic and 135 mm Schneider Symmar S lens.
Willow Stump
Early morning mist late Spring 2015- Fuji GA 645 film camera
Old stump - Copy
Summer 2014 after rain.Sigma DP2 Merrill digital camera